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Fat Loss Tips

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Primal Force Primal Lean Reviews

Ultra Primal Lean Review Forget the French! New “Italian Paradox” Holds The Real Secret To Staying Slim Dear Reader, You may have heard about the “French Paradox.” As the story goes, the French eat like kings and indulge on high-fat foods, but never get fat. Many think red wine is their secret. I don’t believe red wine has anything to do with it. When I looked into the research I was floored. The REAL power is an overlooked “bean.” Turns out, the extract of this bean stops you from absorbing the fats the French love, AND the starchy carbs the Italians love. That lets Italians eat their heavenly, high-starch favorites like pizza, pasta, and pastry… and still have the lowest rates of weight gain and obesity in the world. This is the new “Italian Paradox.” While both the French and Italians take their time with a meal, go for long walks, and are more likely to buy fresh organic produce from local markets…there’s something else I attribute this to, and that’s tradition. You see, Italians are known for eating soups before the main meal, and one of the most famous is pasta fagioli, their “pasta and beans” recipe. The remarkable thing about this particular bean is that it STOPS fattening carbs from breaking down into the sugar your body stores as fat. Instead, it preserves carbs as fiber, which does NOT break down into fat. The French eat it in a salad. The Italians in a soup. Both BEFORE a meal. And get this: A new study I discovered in the medical journal Obesity found people taking an extract of this bean lost 6 pounds in 30 days… without changing anything else. 1 Losing 6 pounds without changing your overall diet or exercise routine is a nice surprise. But that’s not all it can do. A study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences followed people for 30 days. One group took this Italian bean extract, the other took a placebo, or dummy pill. On average, the people taking the Italian bean extract: 2 LOST over 5 pounds of body fat, (over 6 pounds of total body weight). LOST 3 inches off their waists. LOST 2 inches off their hips. LOST 1 inch off each thigh. Maintained their muscle, or lean body mass. More importantly, the researchers wrote that with the Italian bean extract, “the major weight changes are brought about more by fat loss,” than things like water loss, and organ shrinkage. When you deprive yourself on a diet, water loss—and even organ shrinkage—are often the real reason you “lose weight.” That’s why I don’t recommend getting on a scale. What you really need is FAT LOSS. And that’s what you get with the white Italian borlotti bean. In fact, the prestigious British Medical Journal took a look at ALL studies on this white Italian bean to determine fat loss. They found this extract makes a “significant difference” in fat loss compared to a placebo. 3 Plus, an … Continue reading

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The Forever Body Transformation System

    It’s no secret that everyone starts to get concerned with losing weight around the beginning of the new year and it is probably the number one new years resolution so I doubt that this year is going to be any different. I have found an exercise and fat loss system that isn’t in the infomercials, but as far as I am concerned is more effective than all those celebrity endorsed ones in the infomercials. The Forever Body Transformation program was created by Tyler Tsujimoto and Candice Sadler and it  is the answer to a previously hard to find solution for fat loss and how to keep it off forever. The system was created to be highly instructional and contains many resources for those that truly desire to learn what to do to lose unwanted  weight. The program comes with a superb eBook,  containing a comprehensive plan of action to aid you in meeting all your weight loss goals, plus access  to a tremendous fitness and weight loss video library. This comprehensive library contains 200 fitness training videos and the smart people that view those videos and do the exercises they train you with  will find  change their body by losing fat quickly. Probably the most interesting aspect to this program is the 52 hours of coaching with the course’s creators. This is completely live coaching and it will really make a huge difference to those trying to lose weight easily and keep it off permanently. The Forever Body Transformation program truly is unique and well worth looking into. You might discover it offers a previously elusive solution to getting rid of unwanted fat. Click below to lose fat and keep it off FOREVER! Related articles Lose the Weight Forever, New Years Resolution! rel=author

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Interval Training: A Playlist

Burn fat faster using songs with different tempos.


Chris Lawhorn

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Lose 2, Gain 3—What’s Going On Here?

The ups and downs of weight loss and why it happens


Yasmin Rammohan

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